Goodbye Maple

9 May

Over the winter and spring, we have undergone some big projects including the renovation of The Little Station buildings, the installation of a new cedar fence, and painting the exteriors of the large cottages, among our yearly maintenance to-do list. And, after a remarkable 2011 with record snowfall all winter, a disastrous Hurricane Irene just before Labor Day, plus a freak October snow storm, the BTC grounds and some of the cottage buildings were in need of some major love and attention.

The cottages managed to escape Hurricane Irene without any structural damages; but we, like the rest of the state, were without electricity for six days. We survived by grilling our way through the contents of the freezer and throwing a lights-out gathering on the patio with some family friends. Somehow, the burgers tasted better, the conversations lasted longer, and the stars shone brighter.

Just two days after Irene, the root system of our large Maple gave way due to rain soaked soil. Luckily, we spotted the leaning tree in time to safely take it down without any serious property damage. Unfortunately, our popular badminton net has lost it’s biggest supporter. Nevertheless, we have plenty of firewood to run the pizza oven, new grass has been planted in it’s absence, and my vote goes to some new lawn games. Croquet anyone?

all the best, *amanda


One Response to “Goodbye Maple”

  1. Elizabeth T May 9, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    That maple tree was one of the best in the yard. But the lawn looks great now, and so many exciting things are happening this season!

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