The Little Station Reclaimed

15 May

Our biggest project over the winter and spring was fixing up the old garage on the property. We had been thinking of ways to improve our old check-in area for a while. Originally located in the main house, the office was getting too small to comfortably accommodate our guests and our family and pets. We had considered adding on a small office room to the house, but it made the most sense to use what we already had … reclaim the old garage/gas station, which once operated as The Little Station. We had been chipping away at it here and there, but the building still needed a ton of attention. Over February, March, and April, we spent a lot of hours fixing, scrubbing, sanding and painting.



We do what we can with a limited budget and a lot of Yankee ingenuity. It was important for us to maintain the integrity and heritage of the vintage building, so we made sure to keep the weather-beaten wood siding exposed and we kept the old flooring by sealing the cement with a thick clear coat, giving it the feel of a foundry floor. CT and AB built two custom cabinets based on my designs finished off with beautiful Carrera marble tops and a fittingly named paint color, Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. CT also put together an industrial-style table with metal piping and reclaimed Brazilian hardwood. It’s amazing what time and paint can accomplish.

The exterior of The Little Station didn’t need too much work this season, but with some landscaping and hardscaping things always look better. CT used two reclaimed limestone obelisks and cobblestones to define the entrance of the new reception area, and we plan to plant blue hydrangea bushes along the curbing later this summer. AB and I created a bed under the bay window full for some shade-loving shrubbery. Stone seating adds to the feel of a secret garden.

all the best,


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