Relics and Artifacts

21 May

Relics and Artifacts from the little station

If you do get a chance to read our about section, you will find that our little shop’s namesake was originally an Esso filling station way back when. Unfortunately, looters and curious teenagers rumaged through the garage and the cottages when the property was left unattended back in the 1980s and 1990s, so we don’t have many of the original objects and artifacts that would have filled the station. Luckily, however, one such individual did return to us the old Inquiry Station sign seen above. I like to think that Mr. Joecks, the property’s previous owner, made it with his own two hands. We cleaned it up and scrubbed it down and hung it in the new Little Station. The old wooden stamp still leaves a mark, but the rubber is cracked from age and countless impressions made on receipts for tanks full of gasoline. And, last summer one of our neighbors stopped by with another little treasure – a copy of a business card from the property. Bathing at Hammonasset State Park is still a popular draw for our guests.

all the best,


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